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226 Old New Brunswick Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854 USA

Serving Frozen, Processed, Canned, & Grilled Chicken & Beef Since 1984

Halal Poultry Export Since 1984

Al Khayrat International is an integrated poultry exporting company based out of Piscataway, New Jersey. We supply frozen whole chicken, chicken parts, and other processed meat products to customers worldwide.

We ensure that our poultry and other produces meet the ever-growing needs of Halal and health-conscious consumers. Muslim slaughterhouse workers conduct slaughtering following Islamic law, which forbids any stunning or gas chambers.

Our process transforms cereals into high-value meat. Our chicken is produced in one of the top cereal producing areas of the world.

We guarantee safe and natural production with proper handling and storage. The quality control of feeding ensures that no animal content or chemicals are added.

Our chicken feed ingredients are composed of 70% corn, 25% soy flour, 5% wheat bran, vitamins, and mineral supplement. Using uncontaminated river water together with a favorable environment for breeding, we have a perfect combination to produce tasty and high-quality meat.

About Us

Quality products don't just happen. It’s our efforts that make the difference. Whether it is frozen or breaded chicken or other meat products, we do our best to earn our customers' business each and every day.

Mohamed El Waylly is the founder of the Al Khayrat International brand. He established the company in 1996 and has worked in poultry export for over 30 years.

Families returning home after work needing to prepare dinner often want chicken. The chicken must not only be cut but also be sold individually in frozen pieces and be ready to cook.

We meet such demand by introducing packages trending toward processed meats.

Also, we’re growing and serving our meat to the fast-food businesses. We enable marketers to source products that could be prepared consistently, on-site by employees with little training.

Over the last half-century, the poultry market has had significant ups and downs. El Waylly's vision was the best protection against price fluctuations by creating an added value product with poultry as a commodity.

Our Mission

At Al Khayrat International, our Mission is to provide value to our customers by exporting and delivering quality poultry and related products. We ensure that our products consistently meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Al Khayrat International
Al Khayrat International

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to move towards a value-added or further processed products and meet the developing trends in chicken and other meat consumption.